Capo Missione-Coordinamento


Position: Country Representative Burkina Faso
Reporting Relationship: Head of Regional Unit NWA Area
Location: Ouagadougou, with fields visits in the areas of intervention in Burkina Faso (depending on security conditions)
Starting date: November 2023
Deadline: 05/10/2023

Who we are
We support people in overcoming emergencies and we strive to guarantee that everyone can have a decent and dignified life as well as opportunities and a better future. We work in 27 countries around the world, including in Italy, with more than 165 emergency, humanitarian aid and development projects. Our activities mainly involve women, girls and young people, actors of change in every community for a fairer and more inclusive world.
We operate in several natural and man-made crisis in various regions of the world. The emergency response, coordinated by the Humanitarian Aid Unit, is composed by multi-sectorial interventions comprising of WASH, EiE, CVA, Food Security, Protection, and others. We operate also in protracted crisis with provision of humanitarian aid through a prevention, emergency relief and rehabilitation approach.
In the last 4 years we have strengthened the regions and the countries where we have been working, we have created new programs, developed new quality and compliance systems and now we need new people who want to join us to build the world we want in the coming years.
We believe in a world where everyone has equal opportunities and rights and we work everyday to make it happens. Join us.

Working context
WeWorld began its activities in Burkina Faso in 1985. Following a break, it resumed its activities in 2012 focusing on the promotion of women empowerment and support to vulnerable groups to provide emergency relief to the most vulnerable, support displaced populations and to strengthen the resilience of local populations. The sectors of intervention spans from food security and nutrition to protection and local development. WeWorld currently works in the Sahel region provinces of Oudalam and Soum with offices in Ouagadogou, Djibo and Gorom Gorom.

The Country Representative is based in the country for which he/she is the legal representative and head of mission of the organization. He/she reports to the Regional Head of Unit of his/her geographical area of responsibility for the country he/she represents (hereafter Regional Head). For some issues (listed in detail below) related to the organization's legal representation in the country and security responsibility, he/she reports directly to the Coordinator of the International Programs Department (hereafter IPR Coordinator) and ultimately to the CEO.

• Representation, external relations, and accountability
• Strategy, partnerships, and resource mobilization
• Local office(s) management, human resources, and volunteers
• Program Management
• Administration and control
• Communication, policy, and advocacy
• Knowledge Management and Innovation

Representation, External Relations and Accountability
• Legally represents WeWorld in the relevant country vis-à-vis the country government and all relevant authorities
• Represents WeWorld and is responsible for relations with relevant country authorities, donors, local and international partners, and all relevant stakeholders
• Participates in events including public events and speaks on behalf of WeWorld
• Is responsible in-country for the dissemination, implementation, compliance and monitoring of the application of WeWorld Child Safeguarding Policy and Child Safeguarding & PSEAH Policy, as well as all other organizational policies adopted by WeWorld
• Is the safeguarding focal point in-country for relevant stakeholders both internal and external, has the obligation to report any behaviour contrary to the duties expressed in the Safeguarding and Prevention of Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy by preparing appropriate report and to provide all necessary information to staff in-country for prevention and reporting including appropriate and continuous training on the subject
• Is responsible for and promoter of on-site dissemination and training, compliance with and monitoring the application of WeWorld Code of Ethics and Conduct and all internal policies (anti-fraud, environment and anti-terrorism)
• Is responsible for the analysis and assessment of risks present in the country, reporting periodically to Unit Head
• Is responsible for the security of the organization's people and assets in the country whose management he/she monitors in line with WeWorld policy and reports periodically to Headquarters
• Is responsible for establishing and adhering to WeWorld Security and Evacuation Plan in the country in line with the organization's relevant policy and procedures and updating it periodically in consultation with the Security Advisor
• Is responsible for disseminating the Security and Evacuation Plan and providing security training and information to expatriate and local staff
• Is responsible for adopting and updating the Local Operations Manual and monitoring its implementation

Strategy, partnerships and resource mobilization
• Is responsible for the formulation and periodic review of WeWorld in-country strategy and, in collaboration with the relevant Regional Manager, ensures its consistency with the organization's regional and global strategy
• Builds and strengthens strategic partnerships in the country through active participation in networks and coordination mechanisms, promotion of new networks and partnerships by enhancing the expertise of the organization
• Develops and enhances in-country strategic programmatic partnerships defined globally and regionally by WeWorld
• Examines the risks and opportunities presented by WeWorld strategic positioning in the country and prepares appropriate responses to ensure sustainable projects and operations
• Contributes to the drafting of project proposals of its area of reference where required and in coordination with the Regional Manager and the Planning and Knowledge Management Area
• Strengthens relationships with institutional donors in the country enhancing WeWorld expertise and achievements over time
• Identifies and develops funding opportunities with new donors present locally in collaboration with the Regional Manager

Local Office(s) Management, Human Resources and Volunteers
• Is responsible for all human resources, expatriate and local, employed in the country for the implementation of WeWorld institutional activities
• Proposes and updates the most effective organizational chart, roles, and functions to carry out WeWorld activities in the country in a logic of sustainability and enhancement of local human resources
• Is responsible for the volunteers in the country and defines the needs of the local office in terms of volunteer work
• Decides and clearly defines who is the mentor and line manager of each volunteer present in the local office
• Ensures that the selection of staff at the local headquarters is done in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner with the aim of finding the most competent and appropriate person for the required task
• Analyses and evaluates, in a constructive and participatory manner, the competencies of staff at the local headquarters and prepares training and improvement plans
• Reports training needs and capacity building needs of local office staff to headquarters and supports in finding and/or processing training opportunities for growth and continuous improvement

Program Management
• Ensures that projects implemented in-country are in line and consistent with the organization's country and regional strategy, have high quality standards, and achieve their objectives
• Is responsible for the local office's program monitoring system, supervises and monitors the proper implementation of projects and the work of project managers
• Is ultimately responsible for the quality of project reporting and its compliance with the rules and timelines defined by WeWorld and those established by the relevant donors
• Reports periodically, on a quarterly basis, to the Regional Manager on the progress of the organization's programs in the country and the operation of the local office

Administration and Controlling
• Develops the country's annual budget proposal and submits it to the Regional Manager
• Plans and monitors the approved annual budget
• Is ultimately responsible for the proper use of WeWorld funds in the country, in line with legal requirements, and promotes a culture of proper and efficient financial management, quality, transparency, and credibility
• Ensures compliance in the management of the local office and projects implemented by it with the regulations and provisions of WeWorld and its donors

Communication, policy and advocacy
• Is responsible for WeWorld external communication in the country and its adherence to the organization's relevant regulations and guidelines
• Ensures proper visibility of donors in line with donor regulations and rules on the subject;
• Disseminates the guidelines for external communication and the use of WeWorld logo to the local office staff ensuring its proper use
• In collaboration with the Regional Manager, proposes external communication and advocacy activities in the country
• Coordinates and supervises the production of content for external communication affecting the country on its own initiative and/or at the request of WeWorld Communication Department
• Contributes to sector policy development where required and ensures the implementation of global and/or regional policies and approaches developed by WeWorld
• Ensures that projects/programs feed into the organization's advocacy initiatives in coordination with the Advocacy Department at headquarters
• Is responsible for the production and implementation of the country advocacy strategic plan and its alignment with the organization's overall advocacy strategy

Knowledge Management, Policy and Innovation
• Contributes to the development and introduction of innovation to ensure that WeWorld continuously integrates good practices and innovative approaches into locally implemented programs
• Contributes to the dissemination and sharing of good practices and lessons learned at the local level, as well as thematic Policy so that they can be capitalized and systematized for the overall benefit of the organization
• Contributes to the planning, implementation and organization of strategic capacity building of staff, partners and stakeholders
• Sets priorities, in consultation with the Regional Manager and IPR Manager, for targeted investments in growth and innovation at the local level

Job Specifications
Qualifications and Knowledge
• An advanced university degree or equivalent in the field of Social or Political Science, Development Studies, International relations, Project Management, Human rights
• Good knowledge of MS Office
• Fluent in French both written and verbal
• Good knowledge of English both written and verbal

Professional experience
• Minimum 5 years’ relevant working experience in related fields
• Working experience with international NGOs in management of international cooperation projects funded by institutional and private donors
• Proven experience in Project Cycle Management
• Sound project development and proposal writing experience
• Experience in Security Management

Skills and Abilities
• Strong flexibility and capacity to adapt behaviour to the needs of the situation
• Capacity to work autonomously and in problems prevention/resolution
• Proven organizational skills and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks while fostering quality, team spirit and positive working relationships with colleagues
• Ability to identify, initiate and maintain good relationships with partner organizations, donors and national authorities including building professional relationships with senior decision-makers and influencers/leaders
• Good communication, negotiation skills and sensitivity in dealing with local institutions on critical issues
• Cultural, gender, religion, and age sensitivity and adaptability
• Strong commitment to the Mission of WeWorld, genuine interest for international cooperation development topics

Desirable requirements
• Experience in Protection, Food Security & Nutrition will be a plus
• Fluent in Italian both written and oral
• Previous work experience in the area or in similar contexts

Type of contract: a first 6 (six) months contract subject to verification (achievement of specific objectives); a second collaboration contract of 6 (six) months renewable, following the positive evaluation of the first months of contract and depending on budget availability
Economic conditions to be defined according to WeWorld Expatriates Compensation Policy: Base Salary (seniority/role held) + Contributions (role complex and hardship based on place of work)
Other conditions: Tax Treatment: equal tax treatment between Italian and foreign residents is guaranteed
Accomodation: contribution for housing provided
Annual leave: 2,5 days/month (working days)
Flight ticket: one return flight every 12 months of contract
Health insurance: covered
Family Duty Station: NO
R&R: YES (5 days each 12 weeks - Daily Allowance covers costs of expenses for food, accommodation and travel)

Settore professionale: Coordinamento

Ruolo: Capo Missione

Condizioni contrattuali


  • Titolo di studio: Laurea di primo livello
  • Esperienza pregressa: Maggiore o uguale a 5 anni
  • Lingue conosciute: Inglese (preferenziale); Francese (preferenziale)



  • Tipologia: Operatore
  • Data inizio lavoro: 01/11/2023
  • Durata: > 1 Anno
  • Scadenza vacancy: 05/10/2023


  • Nome: WeWorld
  • Sede: Italy, Milano
  • Website:
  • Profilo: WeWorld si forma recentemente a partire dalla fusione di due ONG, è un’organizzazione italiana laica ed indipendente che opera dal 1971 in progetti di cooperazione allo sviluppo e aiuto umanitario.

    Presente in 29 paesi con 128 progetti, WeWorld opera nelle seguenti aree di assistenza: diritti umani (uguaglianza di genere, prevenzione e contrasto alla violenza ai danni di bambini e donne, migrazione), aiuto umanitario (prevenzione, aiuti d’emergenza e riabilitazione), sicurezza alimentare, accesso all’acqua, salute e igiene, educazione, educazione alla cittadinanza globale, insegnamento di qualità e volontariato internazionale.

    WeWorld lavora soprattutto con ragazze, ragazzi, donne e giovani, gli attori del cambiamento in ogni comunità per un mondo più giusto ed inclusivo. Supporta chi ha superato un’emergenza e garantisce una vita degna, opportunità e un futuro migliore attraverso programmi di sviluppo umano ed economico nella cornice dall’Agenda 2030. Fare parte del team WeWorld significa partecipare allo sviluppo di un’organizzazione dinamica dove il contributo di ogni membro è promosso e apprezzato per lavorare insieme al raggiungimento di obiettivi e visioni collettivi.

    Al momento i maggiori donatori sono l’Italia attraverso l’AICS, la UE attraverso DG ECHO, UNICEF e il BELGIO (DGD).

    Scopri i nostri annunci di lavoro e lavora con noi!

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