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The Saint Lawrence Foundation, established in October 2008, is a Family Foundation drawing its resources from the profits of G.S.I. Global Service International, a Company which belongs to the same Family.

Created with the purpose of helping the poorest countries of the world, the Foundation intends to center its efforts on supporting plans and actions in the field of education. This with a view of nurturing new leaders capable of improving the quality of life of their people.

The project, fully shared by the G. S. I. team, is a source of great motivation. The Foundation started to focus on Sierra Leone as it could benefit from relations of special trust and also family ties with missionaries working there.
Saint Lawrence Foundation's working model is based on:
•Direct communication between the Foundation and the Bishop of Makeni, who is the Chancellor of UniMak (University of Makeni)
•Unimak and the Foundation working as one subject in planning and managing development activities

As result of these conditions we saw doors wide open wide to both generous and enthusiastic co-operation by Universities and Enterpreneurs.
By sharing our mission and working with us, you will make a lasting contribution to build a better World.


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