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ENAIP NET is an Italian network delivering vocational training and job placement services, established in 2016. Its members are: ENAIP Lombardia, ENAIP Piemonte, ENAIP Veneto, ENAIP Friuli-Venezia Giulia, ENAIP Nazionale.

ENAIP NET is one of the largest Italian VET providers' consortia working on international projects. ENAIP NET bodies operate in many different economic sectors, among which ICT, automotive, mechatronics, tourism, food services, wellness, sales, marketing, cultural heritage and so on.

ENAIP NET has gradually developed a network of relations with hundreds of local and public administrators, with the most important (regional and provincial) trade associations, employers’ associations, and with other organisations and vocational training centres. It works closely with many lower and upper secondary schools and universities. It also cooperates with government organisations and agencies that deal with employment services and with social care services in both the public and private sectors.

Moreover, it collaborates with third-sector organisations, companies, and networks with several associations. ENAIP NET works closely with more than 8,500 companies, 162 European and 490 national partners.

1. Developing services, training products and pathways to provide a training offer aimed at promoting personal and professional growth.
2. Fostering fruitful relations with businesses to translate their strengths and needs into projects supporting the development of local economies.
3. Pursuing VET policies to implement a common and shared vision with key stakeholders and institutions.

-Connecting people, companies, institutions and values Education acts as a catalyst that helps build shared projects and create virtuous interactions.
-Providing consistency and transparency
Activities are carried out in a welcoming and respectful environment, where trust is mutual.
-Promoting creativity and innovation

ENAIP NET fosters culture and research by experimenting with innovative solutions to improve
teaching methods and organisational practices.
-Achieving equality of opportunity... treasuring individual, linguistic and cultural diversity and supporting social inclusion and active


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