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AISPO is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO- non profit entity) founded by a group of operators at the Scientific Institute San Raffaele Hospital of Milan. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally recognized AISPO in 1985 as an organisation suited to implement international cooperation activities in developing countries in the health sector. AISPO is involved in a variety of projects to fight poverty, social injustice and the many diseases that affect the poorest people in the world.
AISPO operates through:
-development projects in the healthcare sector that support and supply human and material resources to hospitals, health centres and dispensaries. AISPO offers expertise and technical assistance to enhance basic healthcare services, support general hospitals, implement national health programs and upgrade highly specialized hospital units. These activities rely on ambitious civil works projects to rehabilitate and equip units as well as collaboration with public authorities at both local and national levels to ensure cooperation and the sustainability of projects. AISPO aims to reach even the most remote areas, which are often in the most need, using mobile clinics.
-projects in emergency and post-emergency contexts to aid those suffering from natural disasters and lethal epidemics as well as from war and conflicts. AISPO provides relief and health services to those affected by chronic emergency due to war, host communities dealing with refugee and internally displaced populations and victims of tsunamis and earthquakes, among other projects.
-training activities, which are carried out as a part of all AISPO projects. AISPO arranges for experts to provide on the job training, seminars, workshops, courses and conferences in the field. In addition, AISPO organises trainings and fellowships for health, technical and managerial staff from the beneficiary countries at San Raffaele Hospital.


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